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Changzhou GuangBo Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is the production of drying machines, granulators, grinder, mixer, drying equipment and other specialized units. Designed system of dozens of drying machines, shredders, mixers and granulators are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, agricultural and sideline industries, praised by users. ·中文版·Sitemaps
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 Contact:Manager Wu
W Series bipyramid mixer
W Series bipyramid mixer

 The machine applies to medicine, chemicals, food, building materials and other industries powdery, granular materials mixed.
 The plane powder or granular material by vacuum transfer or artificial expected bipyramid containers, with the capacity of the constant rotation, packaging materials in complex percussive movement, to achieve uniform mixing.
 The machines conserve energy, convenient operation, the end of labor intensity, high efficiency.

Technical parameters
Capacity(L) HJ-300 HJ-500
Mixing time minutes / grant 4-8 4-8
Production kg / grant 50-80 60-100
Volume switch / pm 0.3 0.5
Shell speed switch / pm 20 12
Weight (kg) 310 550
Dimensions(mm) 1685×650×1600 2340×1220×2300

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